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Re: [PATCH v5 4/8] Prepare linux_find_memory_regions_full & co. for move

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Kratochvil <> writes:

Jan> 2014-02-26  Aleksandar Ristovski  <

Jan> 	Prepare linux_find_memory_regions_full & co. for move.
Jan> 	* linux-tdep.c (linux_find_memory_region_ftype): Comment.
Jan> 	(linux_find_memory_regions_full): Change signature and prepare
Jan> 	for moving to linux-maps.
Jan> 	(linux_find_memory_regions_data): Rename field 'obfd' to 'data'.
Jan> 	(linux_find_memory_regions_thunk): New.
Jan> 	(linux_find_memory_regions_thunk): Use 'data' field instead of 'obfd'.
Jan> 	(linux_find_memory_regions_gdb): New.
Jan> 	(linux_find_memory_regions): Rename argument 'obfd' to 'func_data'.
Jan> 	(linux_make_mappings_corefile_notes): Use
Jan> 	linux_find_memory_regions_gdb.
Jan> 	* target.c (read_alloc_pread_ftype): New typedef.
Jan> 	(target_fileio_read_alloc_1_pread): New function.
Jan> 	(read_alloc): Refactor from target_fileio_read_alloc_1.
Jan> 	(read_stralloc_func_ftype): New typedef.
Jan> 	(target_fileio_read_alloc_1): New implementation. Use read_alloc.
Jan> 	(read_stralloc): Refactored from target_fileio_read_stralloc.
Jan> 	(target_fileio_read_stralloc): New implementation, use read_stralloc.



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