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Re: [PATCH v5 1/8] Move utility functions to common/

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Kratochvil <> writes:

Jan> some parts of the former patch have been reimplemented in the meantime by
Jan> other patches so this is only a part of the former cleanup.

Jan> 2014-02-26  Aleksandar Ristovski  <

Jan> 	Move utility functions to common/.
Jan> 	* cli/cli-utils.c (skip_spaces, skip_spaces_const): Move defs to
Jan> 	common/common-utils.c.
Jan> 	* cli/cli-utils.h (skip_spaces, skip_spaces_const): Move decls to
Jan> 	common/common-utils.h.
Jan> 	* common/common-utils.c (host-defs.h, ctype.h): Include.
Jan> 	(HIGH_BYTE_POSN, is_digit_in_base, digit_to_int, strtoulst): Move
Jan> 	from utils.c.
Jan> 	(skip_spaces, skip_spaces_const): Move from cli/cli-utils.c.
Jan> 	* common/host-defs.h (TARGET_CHAR_BIT, HOST_CHAR_BIT): Moved from
Jan> 	defs.h.
Jan> 	* common/common-utils.h (strtoulst): Move decl from utils.h.
Jan> 	(hex2bin, bin2hex): Move decls from remote.h.
Jan> 	(skip_spaces, skip_spaces_const): Move decls from cli/cli-utils.h.
Jan> 	* defs.h (TARGET_CHAR_BIT, HOST_CHAR_BIT): Move to
Jan> 	common/common-utils.h
Jan> 	* utils.c (HIGH_BYTE_POSN, is_digit_in_base, digit_to_int)
Jan> 	(strtoulst): Move to common/common-utils.c.
Jan> 	* utils.h (strtoulst): Moved decl to common/common-utils.h.

This is ok.


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