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Re: heads up: GDB 7.7 official release Wed Jan 29th (tomorrow)

Joel Brobecker wrote:

> > So I guess I'm wondering if you see workable options to still
> > get powerpc64le-linux support into a release in the near future ...
> > Maybe we could do a 7.7.1 ?
> I'm a bit uncomfortable including support for a new target like that
> without more testing, particularly since the changes affects files
> already in use by other ports. I had a quick look, and perhaps the
> changes can be reviewed well enough to convince ourselves that they
> are indeed safe enough for the branch.
> Here is what I propose:
>   1. We delay the release to Monday (Feb 3rd).
>   2. During that time frame, let's try to get the changes reviewed
>      by at least one more GM - it might be me.

I would certainly appreciate that -- thanks!

As to changes in other ports, I think it should be pretty clear
that non-PowerPC platforms cannot really be affected.  (There are
some changes to common code in the 11/11 patch, but that shouldn't
affect any platform that do not define gdbarch_skip_entrypoint.)

As to other PowerPC platforms, I've tested powerpc64-linux quite a
bit -- I would be happy to also run a regression test on a 32-bit
Linux and on AIX.

> It would be good to get a sense of when people think gcc-4.9 is going
> to come out. Last I looked, the branch hadn't been created yet.
> Perhaps, one option is to schedule 7.8 to coincide with gcc-4.9
> (or slightly before, if we'd like to).

I guess that might be OK as a fall-back solution.


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU/Linux compilers and toolchain

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