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Re: heads up: GDB 7.7 official release Wed Jan 29th (tomorrow)

Joel Brobecker wrote:

> I really was planning on sending this email at the end of last
> week, and then forgot. It's been a fairly quiet 3 weeks since
> the first pre-release, and there are no longer any known failures
> mentioned in the release wiki page, so I am planning on making
> the official release tomorrow. Please shout if there is something
> I missed :).

You may have noticed the series of patches I just posted to support
the new powerpc64le-linux platform.

I'm certainly aware that this comes in at a very late time, but
given the timing of when powerpc64le-linux support shows up in
the other parts of the core toolchain (binutils 2.24, gcc 4.9,
glibc 2.19) it would be really nice if GDB 7.7 also had support,
to complete the picture ...

On the other hand, it would certainly be preferable to allow for
at least a couple of days before checking the series in to give
people a chance to comment, so it seems unlikely this could be
in place in the branch by tomorrow.

So I guess I'm wondering if you see workable options to still
get powerpc64le-linux support into a release in the near future ...
Maybe we could do a 7.7.1 ? 

Sorry again for the last-minute request; the whole powerpc64le
project has been running on a short timeline, and GDB support
got pushed back by other requirements :-(

Thanks for your support!


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU/Linux compilers and toolchain

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