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[PATCH] Add AT_HWCAP2 auxv tag


recent ppc64 Linux kernels provide a new auxv entry AT_HWCAP2,
which is currently not recognized by GDB, causing every use of
"info auxv" to show an error.

This patch adds the AT_HWCAP2 define to include/elf/common.h
and handles it in GDB.

OK for mainline (for the include/ part)?



	* common.h (AT_HWCAP2): Define.


	* auxv.c (fprint_target_auxv): Handle AT_HWCAP2.

Index: binutils-gdb/gdb/auxv.c
--- binutils-gdb.orig/gdb/auxv.c
+++ binutils-gdb/gdb/auxv.c
@@ -442,6 +442,7 @@ fprint_target_auxv (struct ui_file *file
 	  TAG (AT_IGNOREPPC, _("Entry should be ignored"), dec);
 	  TAG (AT_BASE_PLATFORM, _("String identifying base platform"), str);
 	  TAG (AT_RANDOM, _("Address of 16 random bytes"), hex);
+	  TAG (AT_HWCAP2, _("Extension of AT_HWCAP"), hex);
 	  TAG (AT_EXECFN, _("File name of executable"), str);
 	  TAG (AT_SECURE, _("Boolean, was exec setuid-like?"), dec);
 	  TAG (AT_SYSINFO, _("Special system info/entry points"), hex);
Index: binutils-gdb/include/elf/common.h
--- binutils-gdb.orig/include/elf/common.h
+++ binutils-gdb/include/elf/common.h
@@ -959,6 +959,7 @@
 #define AT_BASE_PLATFORM 24		/* String identifying real platform,
 					   may differ from AT_PLATFORM.  */
 #define AT_RANDOM	25		/* Address of 16 random bytes.  */
+#define AT_HWCAP2	26		/* Extension of AT_HWCAP.  */
 #define AT_EXECFN	31		/* Filename of executable.  */
 /* Pointer to the global system page used for system calls and other
    nice things.  */
  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU/Linux compilers and toolchain

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