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[PATCH v2 00/36] Guile extension language for GDB


This patch series is v2 of my first pass at adding support for the
Guile extension language.  A lot is working, but there's
still a ways to go.

guile-user: I'm going to avoid spamming you with the entire series of
36 emails.  But I may add you back to the discussion of a particular patch.

This patch series requires v4 of the "extension language API"
patch series:

Summary of each patch:

01/36: configure changes
02/36: doc additions
03/36: auto-load.c changes
04/36: breakpoint.c changes
05/36: cli changes
06/36: gdbtypes.c additions
07/36: extension.c additions
08/36: guile/README
09/36: gdb-guile.exp
10/36: guile.c, guile.h
11/36: scm-auto-load.c
12/36: scm-gsmob.c
13/36: scm-exception.c, scm-safe-call.c
14/36: scm-ports.c
15/36: scm-string.c
16/36: scm-utils.c
17/36: scm-iterator.c
18/36: scm-arch.c
19/36: scm-block.c
20/36: scm-breakpoint.c
21/36: scm-disasm.c
22/36: scm-frame.c
23/36: scm-lazy-string.c
24/36: scm-math.c
25/36: scm-objfile.c
26/36: scm-pretty-print.c
27/36: scm-symbol.c
28/36: scm-symtab.c
29/36: scm-type.c
30/36: scm-value.c
31/36: Scheme files
32/36: help.exp update
33/36: generics tests
34/36: equal? tests
35/36: error tests
36/36: section script tests

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