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Re: small request regarding commits in binutils-gdb.git

> > not necessarily.  there's two options:
> > 	- just use `git log --stat` and pipe it into a ChangeLog.  this isn't a 
> > "GNU ChangeLog", but it is a ChangeLog
> This is still a GNU project, isn't it?  We still adhere to GNU coding
> standards, right?  So I don't think we can avoid producing GNU-style
> ChangeLog files.

JIC we go further in that direction, the scripts I use to produce
the release make some commits, and one of the things they do is
extracting ChangeLog entries from commit text. It assumes the format
I have been using, which is

| path/to/ChangeLog:
|        [ChangeLog text]

The code as is works well in the context of the controlled commits
the scripts are creating. They would probably need to be improved
for general usage, and the convention could also be adapted.

I would probably also add another "server"-side check to reject
improperly formatted commit logs prior to switching over to automatic


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