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[PATCH v4 10/16] extension language API for GDB: top.c changes

This patch contains the changes to top.c.
The #ifdef HAVE_PYTHON has been removed, and the "finish initialization"
script made non-python-specific.

Changes from v2:
- in top.c, replace #include "python/python.h" with "extension.h"

Changes from v1:
- updates for scripting -> extension renaming

2014-01-15  Doug Evans  <>

	* top.c (gdb_init): Delete #ifdef HAVE_PYTHON call to
	finish_python_initialization.  Replace with call to

diff --git a/gdb/top.c b/gdb/top.c
index f92043d..632367d 100644
--- a/gdb/top.c
+++ b/gdb/top.c
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@
 #include "main.h"
 #include "event-loop.h"
 #include "gdbthread.h"
-#include "python/python.h"
+#include "extension.h"
 #include "interps.h"
 #include "observer.h"
 #include "maint.h"
@@ -1850,11 +1850,9 @@ gdb_init (char *argv0)
   if (deprecated_init_ui_hook)
     deprecated_init_ui_hook (argv0);
-  /* Python initialization can require various commands to be
+  /* Python initialization, for example, can require various commands to be
      installed.  For example "info pretty-printer" needs the "info"
      prefix to be installed.  Keep things simple and just do final
-     python initialization here.  */
-  finish_python_initialization ();
+     script initialization here.  */
+  finish_ext_lang_initialization ();

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