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Re: [Patch] PR python/15464 and python/16113

> Siva> Forgot to ask, should this go into 7.7 branch as well? The first patch
> Siva> is in 7.7.
> It seems reasonable to me, given that the feature is a bit incomplete
> without this patch, but I'd rather defer to Joel for 7.7 decisions.

I have no objection in this case, so I'll defer to Tom in return :).
The patch is fairly large, in areas where I don't necessarily understand
all the repercutions. Hence it is good that Tom's OK with it - so
go head, and push to 7.7.

By the way, I happened to notice a couple of style violations which
I just fixed:

+    {
+      const char *field_name = TYPE_FIELD_NAME (type, field);
+      if (field_name[0] != '\0')
+       {

Empty line after local declaration.

+  if (ftype == NULL)
+    {
+      PyErr_SetString (PyExc_TypeError,
+                      _("'type' attribute of gdb.Field object is not a "
+                        "gdb.Type object."));
+    }

No need for the curly braces.

They are obviously not important for the gdb-7.7 branch, unless you
think there is a chance we might touch this code again in the near
future, and would want to backport to 7.7. In that case, cherry-picking
those two commits on the gdb-7.7 branch would help avoiding patching


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