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Re: [PATCH] AArch64: gdb.base/float.exp: Fix `info float' test

On Wed, 15 Jan 2014, Joel Brobecker wrote:

> > 	gdb/testsuite/
> > 	* gdb.base/float.exp: Handle "aarch64*-*-*" targets.
> FWIW, no problem with the patch. But I don't know AArch64.
> Does it always have an FPU? Otherwise, we perhaps should look at
> what is being done for arm-*?

 Hard to tell, this popped up in testing, but I have no experience with 
AArch64 and with reasonable effort I couldn't track down an architecture 
manual that would clarify that.  However there's a single 
features/aarch64.xml register description only, that includes FP registers 
unconditionally so my guess would be an FPU is implied, at least as far as 
GDB is concerned at this stage.

 I could be wrong though, e.g. for MIPS we have a couple of register 
descriptions, all of which include FP registers, but they only cover Linux 
targets where the FPU is a part of the OS ABI even where hardware has none 
and software emulation is used.  And bare-iron MIPS targets certainly 
expose the lack of an FPU to GDB.

 Anyone can confirm one way or another?


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