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Re: [PATCH v2 0/9] share minimal symbols across objfiles

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Tromey <> writes:

Tom> This patch series changes minimal symbols to be independent of the
Tom> program space, and then to be stored in the per-BFD object.  That way,
Tom> they can be shared by all objfiles referring to a given BFD.  This
Tom> saves memory, and, in the case of ELF, the time spent re-reading the
Tom> symbols.
Tom> Please note that, while I made my best effort to fix everything
Tom> properly, there's really quite a bit here I can't test.  In
Tom> particular, I have no way to test most of the changes I made to the
Tom> various symbol readers, in patch #8.

Tom> If you could, I'd ask that you please test or at least carefully
Tom> review the relevant bits there.  I've pushed this branch to archer.git
Tom> tromey/split-objfile/msymbol-location-independence to make this
Tom> simpler.

I've rebased this branch once again and rebuilt it.  I'm re-testing it
now.  I want to push it in soon, like tomorrow, so if you have been
meaning to try it and been procrastinating, now would be a great time to
send me a note.


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