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Re: [PATCH] rearrange struct value to save memory

>>>>> "Yao" == Yao Qi <> writes:

Yao> It does save some memory shown by the result of 'make perf-check' on
Yao> an amd64-linux box.  I don't see any time performance regression
Yao> in the test.  It is indeed a good improvement!

Yao>                 Original Patched
Yao> backtrace vmsize 2 55108 54316
Yao> backtrace vmsize 4 55108 52432
Yao> backtrace vmsize 8 53124 51512

I tried perf-check out on another branch today.  I didn't see a canned
way to summarize the results, so I wrote the appended.  You'll need a
newish version of prettytable if you don't want the colorizing to mess
up the table.

This is still pretty dumb... I didn't try to deal with graphing or
anything cool like that.



from termcolor import colored
import re
import fileinput
import prettytable

rx = re.compile('^(.*)\s([0-9.]+)$')

# Allow 5% noise.
NOISE = 0.05

results = {}

for line in fileinput.input():
    m = rx.match(line)
    if m:
        name =
        value = float(

        if name not in results:
            results[name] = []

keys = results.keys()

tab = prettytable.PrettyTable()
for name in keys:
    vals = results[name]
    newvals = [name, str(vals[0])]
    for i in range(1, len(vals)):
        perc = abs((vals[i] - vals[i - 1]) / vals[i - 1])
        nv = str(vals[i])
        if perc > NOISE:
            if vals[i] > vals[i - 1]:
                nv = colored(nv, 'red')
            elif vals[i] < vals[i - 1]:
                nv = colored(nv, 'green')


print tab

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