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Re: [PATCH] Split i386_stap_parse_special_token into smaller functions

On Monday, January 06 2014, I wrote:

> On Monday, December 30 2014, Joel Brobecker wrote:
>>> As requested by Joel on:
>>> <>
>>> I am reposting this separate patch whose only purpose is to split
>>> i386_stap_parse_special_token into smaller functions.  I haven't
>>> modified anything logical in the functions, i.e., there's still one
>>> latent bug on i386_stap_parse_special_token_triplet now.  I will soon
>>> post a patch to fix this, and to also improve the readability of the two
>>> new functions.
>>> I am also posting the output of "git diff -b" here.
>> Thank you, Sergio. This patch is missing a ChangeLog :).
>> FWIW, this patch looks good to me, and it is IMO a nice improvement
>> over the current state. But i386-tdep.c is usually under Mark's
>> responsibility, so let's give him a little bit of time to reply
>> as well.
> Ping.


This patch is pretty simple IMO (just code movement), so maybe it could
be reviewed by some other maintainer and maybe approved?  It's holding a
fix for a bug :-).



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