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Regressions on s390x RHEL-6.5 (was: Re: GDB 7.6.90 available for testing)

On Wednesday, January 08 2014, Joel Brobecker wrote:

> A gzip'ed version is also available: gdb-7.6.90.tar.gz.
> Please give it a test if you can and report any problems you might find.

Thank you very much for all the effort you put in the release process,
Joel.  I second what Tom already said in another message :-).

Having said that, I am now testing the 7.7 against some architectures of
interest.  I will send e-mails separately for different arch's, to
organize things better.  These are the regressions I found (and have not
investigated yet) on s390x with RHEL-6.5.

  -PASS: gdb.server/server-kill.exp: tstatus
  +FAIL: gdb.server/server-kill.exp: tstatus

  -PASS: gdb.trace/mi-traceframe-changed.exp: tfile: -trace-find frame-number 0
  +FAIL: gdb.trace/mi-traceframe-changed.exp: tfile: -trace-find frame-number 0

There are also some newly introduced failures:

  +FAIL: gdb.dwarf2/dwz.exp: p the_int

  +FAIL: gdb.dwarf2/implptrpiece.exp: print/d p[-1]

  +FAIL: gdb.server/wrapper.exp: continue to marker
  +FAIL: gdb.server/wrapper.exp: print d

  +FAIL: gdb.trace/entry-values.exp: disassemble foo+52,+10

As I said, I still haven't investigated them, but I plan to do so soon
enough (for now I'm still running tests on other arch's).



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