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Re: [commit/Ada] General ada-valprint improvements

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Brobecker <> writes:

Joel> I was afraid of that. For Ada, I have some hopes that I could
Joel> re-implement val_print on top of value_print if I split ada_value_print.
Joel> If that works out, and if we find we can transition all languages
Joel> that way, perhaps that'll simplify the transition.

Yeah, that might be a workable approach.

Joel> While talking crazy-large cleanup projects, I have been having this idea
Joel> in the back of my mind that I'd like the value printing to be done
Joel> by a language-independent engine, with the language only providing
Joel> decorations and hints.
Joel> So, if we could extract out the varobj engine, and then make varobj
Joel> one formatter, and CLI-valprint another formatter, it seems like
Joel> most of the valprint units such as ada-valprint could go away.

That is an interesting idea.

FWIW I did do a tiny bit of work in this direction, see struct
generic_val_print_decorations.  This let us unify a reasonable amount
of code here.  At the time I looked at a lot of the type-code cases in
the various language value printers, but I don't remember any more
why I didn't push this idea further.


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