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Re: [RCF 00/11] Visit varobj available children only in MI

> I have a few questions about this proposed feature. I understand
> you've inherited quite a bit of the code, and thank you for pursuing
> this submission.

All really good questions! And a major reason why I spend the time
to discuss new features with the rest of the community ahead of
implementing it :-) (I realize this is always possible, of course).

> I believe Joel has committed the MI "features" series; an update to
> this might be desirable [perhaps Joel might be able to offer an
> opinion].

That's a good suggestion. At the moment, and assuming we maintain
the idea of extending a command, the only option at the moment is
to add an entry to the output of the -list-features command. But,
for static command-line options like this, we could enhance the
-info-gdb-mi-command command to provide feature lists as well.
At the moment, it's unclear that we're in any danger of increasing
the size of the -list-features list, so people will probably want
to KISS and update -list-features instead.


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