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RE: [PATCH v2 1/1] Documentation for MPX.

Hi Eli,

Thanks for your review! 

About the "Architecture": You have made a comment on another place about Raw values/Architecture values. That was changed. The line is this one:
     +This way the raw value can be accessed via bnd0raw@dots{}bnd3raw.  Any 
     +change on bnd0@dots{}bnd3 or bnd0raw@dots{}bnd3raw is reflect on its 
    +This way the architecture value can be accessed via bnd0raw...bnd3raw.   
    +Any change on bnd0..bnd3 or bnd0raw...bnd3raw is reflect on its 
    +counterpart.  When displaying

I will add here a list of changes in V2:
1. Added @cindex for MPX and @def for MPX.
2.Exchanged "..." by @dots{}
3.Fix typo on "Architecture registers...." as mentioned.
4.Example is fixed (using "@{"  for "{" and  "@}" for "}").

About the phrase:
>+Architecture registers @samp{BND0} through @samp{BND3} are 
> +represented in @value{GDBN} as @samp{bnd0raw} through @samp{bnd3raw}. 

My intention was to emphasize that the BND register, as presented on Intel manual, is represented in GDB by bndraw.  Therefore the use of " Architecture registers".
Since we have already defined that BND are the architecture register we could omit the "Architecture Registers on the phrase writing like:

>+@samp{BND0} through @samp{BND3} are 
> +represented in @value{GDBN} as @samp{bnd0raw} through @samp{bnd3raw}.

What do you think?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

-----Original Message-----
From: Eli Zaretskii [] 
Sent: Thursday, November 28, 2013 9:13 PM
To: Tedeschi, Walfred
Subject: Re: [PATCH v2 1/1] Documentation for MPX.

> From: Walfred Tedeschi <>
> Cc:, Walfred Tedeschi 
> <>
> Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 11:54:02 +0100
> I tried to cover all feedback you gave me.
> Concerning the footnote I have reduced it to avoid early confusion, 
> the topic will be explained anyhow later.


> diff --git a/gdb/NEWS b/gdb/NEWS
> index 9fc3638..fdb33d4 100644
> --- a/gdb/NEWS
> +++ b/gdb/NEWS
> @@ -5558,3 +5558,5 @@ GDB now handles cross debugging.  If you are 
> remotely debugging between  two different machines, type ``./configure host -target=targ''.
>  Host is the machine where GDB will run; targ is the machine  where 
> the program that you are debugging will run.
> +
> + *  GDB now supports access to Intel(R) MPX registers on GNU/Linux.

This is OK.

> +@cindex Intel(R) Memory Protection Extensions (MPX).
> +@subsubsection Intel(R) @dfn{Memory Protection Extensions} (MPX).

@cindex should be after the @subsubsection line.

> +@item bnd0raw..bnd3raw and bnd0@dots{}bnd3 registers display.
> +Memory Protection Extension (MPX) adds the bound registers 
> +@samp{BND0} @footnote{The register named with capital letters 
> +represent the architecture registers.} through @samp{BND3}.  Bound 
> +registers store a pair of 64-bit values which are the lower bound and 
> +upper bound.  Bounds are effective addresses or memory locations.  
> +The upper bounds are architecturally represented in 1's complement 
> +form.  A bound having lower bound = 0, and upper bound = 0 (1's complement of all bits set) will allow access to the entire address space.
> +
> +Architecture registers @samp{BND0} through @samp{BND3} are 
> +represented in @value{GDBN} as @samp{bnd0raw} through @samp{bnd3raw}.

Hmm... didn't I suggest to use "raw registers" instead of "architectural registers"?  In fact, what are the differences between this version of the patch and the previous one, they seem identical.
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