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Re: gdbserver, aarch64: Zero out regs in aarch64_linux_set_debug_regs

On 25 November 2013 12:51, Joel Brobecker <> wrote:
> Hello Will,
> We're about to create a 7.6.2 release. To help me sent release
> announcements, I need an entry in the wiki page we created for
> that release branch. For 7.6.2, that's:
> Can you please add an entry that follows the format used in
> the entries added for the 7.6.1 release?

Sure, no problem.

> I tried doing that myself, but got lost a little. AFAICT, you're
> applying the same patch as one that was applied on the GDB side.
> I traced the problem description back to a patch first posted in
> July, but: 1. Does your patch fix the same problem/symptoms?

It fixes the same issue in gdbserver that was fixed in gdb.

>            2. The gdb-side patch in not part of the gdb_7_6-branch;
>               is that what we want?

Not really! I believed that the gdb patch had been committed to the
stable branch but later discovered that it hadn't. As the stable
branch appeared to be dormant I didn't follow up on it. Ideally both
patches should be applied and if we are going to do another release
I'm happy to cherry pick it across.

Will Newton
Toolchain Working Group, Linaro

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