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[commit] unique test names, minor cleanups, in py-symbol.exp


Just some cleanups I noticed while doing the Guile version.

Regression tested (and unique-names-tested) on amd64-linux.

2013-11-23  Doug Evans  <>

	* gdb.python/py-symbol.exp: Add some comments.  Make all test names

diff --git a/gdb/testsuite/gdb.python/py-symbol.exp b/gdb/testsuite/gdb.python/py-symbol.exp
index 5befd2d..85ee5ff 100644
--- a/gdb/testsuite/gdb.python/py-symbol.exp
+++ b/gdb/testsuite/gdb.python/py-symbol.exp
@@ -62,25 +62,27 @@ gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python frame = gdb.selected_frame()" "Get Frame" 0
 gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python block = frame.block()" "Get block" 0
 # Test is_argument attribute.
-gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python arg = gdb.lookup_symbol(\"arg\")" "Get variable a" 0
+gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python arg = gdb.lookup_symbol(\"arg\")" "Get variable arg" 0
 gdb_test "python print (arg\[0\].is_variable)" "False" "Test arg.is_variable"
 gdb_test "python print (arg\[0\].is_constant)" "False" "Test arg.is_constant"
 gdb_test "python print (arg\[0\].is_argument)" "True" "Test arg.is_argument"
 gdb_test "python print (arg\[0\].is_function)" "False" "Test arg.is_function"
 # Test is_function attribute.
-gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python func = frame.block().function" "Get block" 0
+gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python func = block.function" "Get block function" 0
 gdb_test "python print (func.is_variable)" "False" "Test func.is_variable"
 gdb_test "python print (func.is_constant)" "False" "Test func.is_constant"
 gdb_test "python print (func.is_argument)" "False" "Test func.is_argument"
 gdb_test "python print (func.is_function)" "True" "Test func.is_function"
+# Test attributes of func.
 gdb_test "python print (" "func" "Test"
 gdb_test "python print (func.print_name)" "func" "Test func.print_name"
 gdb_test "python print (func.linkage_name)" "func" "Test func.linkage_name"
 gdb_test "python print (func.addr_class == gdb.SYMBOL_LOC_BLOCK)" "True" "Test func.addr_class"
 gdb_breakpoint [gdb_get_line_number "Break at end."]
-gdb_continue_to_breakpoint "Break at end."
+gdb_continue_to_breakpoint "Break at end for variable a" ".*Break at end.*"
 gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python frame = gdb.selected_frame()" "Get Frame" 0
 # Test is_variable attribute.
@@ -89,6 +91,8 @@ gdb_test "python print (a\[0\].is_variable)" "True" "Test a.is_variable"
 gdb_test "python print (a\[0\].is_constant)" "False" "Test a.is_constant"
 gdb_test "python print (a\[0\].is_argument)" "False" "Test a.is_argument"
 gdb_test "python print (a\[0\].is_function)" "False" "Test a.is_function"
+# Test attributes of a.
 gdb_test "python print (a\[0\].addr_class == gdb.SYMBOL_LOC_COMPUTED)" "True" "Test a.addr_class"
 gdb_test "python print (a\[0\].value())" \
@@ -100,11 +104,13 @@ gdb_test "python print (a\[0\].needs_frame)" "True" \
     "print whether a needs a frame"
 # Test is_constant attribute
-gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python t = gdb.lookup_symbol(\"one\")" "Get variable a" 0
+gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python t = gdb.lookup_symbol(\"one\")" "Get constant t" 0
 gdb_test "python print (t\[0\].is_variable)" "False" "Test t.is_variable"
 gdb_test "python print (t\[0\].is_constant)" "True" "Test t.is_constant"
 gdb_test "python print (t\[0\].is_argument)" "False" "Test t.is_argument"
 gdb_test "python print (t\[0\].is_function)" "False" "Test t.is_function"
+# Test attributes of t.
 gdb_test "python print (t\[0\].addr_class == gdb.SYMBOL_LOC_CONST)" "True" "Test t.addr_class"
 # Test type attribute.
@@ -134,16 +140,22 @@ if ![runto_main] then {
 gdb_breakpoint [gdb_get_line_number "Break in class."]
 gdb_continue_to_breakpoint "Break in class."
-gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python cplusframe = gdb.selected_frame()" "Get Frame" 0
-gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python cplusfunc = cplusframe.block().function" "Get block" 0
-gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.is_variable)" "False" "Test func.is_variable"
-gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.is_constant)" "False" "Test func.is_constant"
-gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.is_argument)" "False" "Test func.is_argument"
-gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.is_function)" "True" "Test func.is_function"
-gdb_test "python print (" "SimpleClass::valueofi().*" "Test"
-gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.print_name)" "SimpleClass::valueofi().*" "Test func.print_name"
-gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.linkage_name)" "SimpleClass::valueofi().*" "Test func.linkage_name"
-gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.addr_class == gdb.SYMBOL_LOC_BLOCK)" "True" "Test func.addr_class"
+gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python cplusframe = gdb.selected_frame()" "Get Frame at class" 0
+gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python cplusfunc = cplusframe.block().function" "Get function at class" 0
+gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.is_variable)" \
+    "False" "Test cplusfunc.is_variable"
+gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.is_constant)" \
+    "False" "Test cplusfunc.is_constant"
+gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.is_argument)" \
+    "False" "Test cplusfunc.is_argument"
+gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.is_function)" \
+    "True" "Test cplusfunc.is_function"
+gdb_test "python print (" "SimpleClass::valueofi().*" "Test"
+gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.print_name)" "SimpleClass::valueofi().*" "Test method.print_name"
+gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.linkage_name)" "SimpleClass::valueofi().*" "Test method.linkage_name"
+gdb_test "python print (cplusfunc.addr_class == gdb.SYMBOL_LOC_BLOCK)" "True" "Test method.addr_class"
 # Test is_valid when the objfile is unloaded.  This must be the last
 # test as it unloads the object file in GDB.
@@ -153,11 +165,12 @@ if ![runto_main] then {
     fail "Cannot run to main."
     return 0
 gdb_breakpoint [gdb_get_line_number "Break at end."]
-gdb_continue_to_breakpoint "Break at end."
+gdb_continue_to_breakpoint "Break at end for symbol validity" ".*Break at end.*"
 gdb_py_test_silent_cmd "python a = gdb.lookup_symbol(\'a\')" "Get variable a" 0
 gdb_test "python print (a\[0\].is_valid())" "True" "Test symbol validity"
-gdb_test "python print (a\[0\].is_valid())" "False" "Test symbol validity"
+gdb_test "python print (a\[0\].is_valid())" "False" "Test symbol non-validity"
 gdb_test_no_output "python a = None" "Test symbol destructor"

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