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Re: Fix for pr16196: Honor fetch limit for strings of known size

On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 12:02 PM, Sterling Augustine
<> wrote:
> The enclosed patch fixes 16196, which was revealed when an unitialized
> C++ string happened to point to valid memory and had a garbage in the
> size field that happened to look very large. GDB then spins a very
> long time reading invalid memory.
> The patch fixes this by enforcing the fetch limit (which, in turn, is
> set by print elements) even when the size of the string is known. This
> makes the function's behavior similar to when the size of the string
> isn't know.
> I checked all callers, and it this does not cause any difference in
> behavior, and reveals no new problems in the test-suite.
> Thanks
> Sterling
> 2013-11-22  Sterling Augustine  <>
>      PR backtrace/16196:
>      * valprint.c (read_string): Set new variable fetchlen based on
>      fetchlimit and size.  Use it in call to partial_memory_read.
>      Update comment.

[There are still other issues, but this patch doesn't have to fix all of them.]

I'd change the "backtrace" in backtrace/16196 to something else, not
sure what though.
"gdb" is always a good fallback.  PR gdb/16196.

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