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Re: release-related minor questions (post switch to git)

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Brobecker <> writes:

Joel>   1. The branch name: Should we continue with the same naming scheme?
Joel>      At the moment, we have:
Joel>        gdb_7_5-branch
Joel>        gdb_7_6-branch
Joel>        etc.
Joel>      I think this odd naming scheme comes from a CVS limitation,
Joel>      and that we could switch to something such as:
Joel>        gdb-7.7-branch
Joel>      On the other hand, the name is not *that* bad, and changing it
Joel>      may break some pre-existing scripts. Since they would need to be
Joel>      changed anyhow...

Using the more obvious name seems nicer to me, but I don't think it is
super important.  Either one seems good enough.

I think we shouldn't worry about pre-existing scripts.

Joel>   2. Do we need a tag for the branch-point commit, or is it sufficient
Joel>      to just document it.
Joel>      I am wondering if anyone has ever used that tag, and whether
Joel>      they would use it with the git repo...

In CVS you needed that tag to work sanely with branches.

git records the branchpoint for us, see "git help merge-base".

Joel>   3. For the release tag, the tag name syntax is like so:
Joel>        gdb_7_5_1-2012-11-29-release
Joel>      Do we want to continue using the same format? In particular,
Joel>        3.a: Do we still need the date in the release tag
Joel>             (that information is part of the tag)

I don't think it provides any useful information.

Joel>        3.b Same as 1; use a more natural syntax re version number?

It seems sensible to make parallel decisions for (1) and (3b).


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