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Re: Release 2.24

>    . Once that's done, I have 2 options:
>        (1) Create the new relase off the git repository, but create
>            the release either manually or with the new scripts;
>        (2) Push the commit to the CVS repo, and re-use the old
>            scripts to make the release.
> If it's only a handful of patches, my preference would be to play it
> safe, and go with option (2). Pushing the patches to the CVS repo is
> super easy thanks to "git cvsexportcommit", but we will need the help
> of someone like Tom to temporary re-open the CVS (or, if Tom prefers,
> he can cvsexportcommit the patches himself, and let us know when he
> is done).

On second thoughts, there is fairly significant drawback in using
the CVS repository. The release process involves making some commits
as well as creating a tag, and we would want all of that in our git
repo. If we use the CVS repository, we'll have to import those changes
back from CVS into git.

I'm starting to lean towards doing everything in git, and fixup any
problem if necessary.


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