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Re: Release 2.24

>  Although if you expect the delay between binutils 2.24 and GDB 7.7 to 
> stay within a couple weeks, e.g. if you think you'll be able to roll the 
> latter out by say mid December,

We might be able to achieve that timeframe, but it would be very hard
for me to guaranty it. From past experience, event if we started today,
I don't remember any release cycle that took less than a month so
we are already looking at a Xmas release at best.

Here is what I propose:

   . Let's confirm the list of patches needed for the 7.6 branch
     (is there just the one in binutils?)

   . Get them approved, and pushed to the gdb_7_6-branch

   . I will need from you a small description of what this release
     is about. It will save me time and make sure I also don't say
     something incorrect if I can just copy/paste that text directly
     in the web + email announcements.

   . Once that's done, I have 2 options:

       (1) Create the new relase off the git repository, but create
           the release either manually or with the new scripts;

       (2) Push the commit to the CVS repo, and re-use the old
           scripts to make the release.

If it's only a handful of patches, my preference would be to play it
safe, and go with option (2). Pushing the patches to the CVS repo is
super easy thanks to "git cvsexportcommit", but we will need the help
of someone like Tom to temporary re-open the CVS (or, if Tom prefers,
he can cvsexportcommit the patches himself, and let us know when he
is done).

Thoughts? Tom?


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