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Re: Release 2.24

> I see 2.24 is about to roll out, so I'll try to find some time this week 
> to make the necessary adjustments for a matching GDB 7.6.2 maintenance 
> release -- assuming as per your recent statement, that making 7.7 can take 
> a while yet.

What are your parameters? I've started working on the scripts this
weekend, and unfortunately for me, I am bursting with ideas of things
to try out - this is going to be helpful for the future, but not so
good for the present. I am planning on working on it an hour every day,
so I should have branching hopefully done soon, and then at least
pre-release creation done right after that.

To explain a bit the delay, the switch to git is more than just
changing some configuration-management commands in the script.
Git opens up the door for doing things a little differently.
For instance, I will have the scripts sends the email for me,
instead of me doing some tedious copy/pasting - this is now possible
because I don't have to be afraid of losing the connection to
sourceware while creating the branch from a repo on my laptop.
Same thing for GPG signing.

If the delay is unbearable to your platform, then we'll need to
temporary re-open the CVS, and produce an extra release from there.
Or the alternative is to produce a release by hand, but that would
take much more time, I think. Neither of these 2 options are
attractive, so it'd be better if we could wait for me to be ready.


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