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Re: [PATCH 03/10] Move target-dcache out of target.c

On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 10:54 PM, Yao Qi <> wrote:
> This patch moves target_dcache related code out of target.c.
> gdb:
> 2013-11-02  Yao Qi  <>
>         * (SFILES):Add target-dcache.c.
>         (HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Add target-dcache.h.
>         (COMMON_OBS): Add target-dcache.o.
>         * dcache.c: Remove inclusion to "target.h".  Include
>         "target-dcache.h".
>         * memattr.c: Include "target-dcache.h".
>         * top.c: Likewise.
>         * tracepoint.c: Likewise.
>         * target.c: (stack_cache_enabled_p_1): Move to
>         target-dcache.c.
>         (stack_cache_enabled_p): Likewise.
>         (set_stack_cache_enabled_p): Likewise.
>         (show_stack_cache_enabled_p): Likewise.
>         (target_dcache, target_dcache_init_p): Likewise.
>         (target_dcache_invalidate): Likewise.
>         (target_dcache_get, target_dcache_get_or_init): Likewise.
>         (memory_xfer_partial_1): Call function stack_cache_enabled.
>         (initialize_target): Move code to target-dcache.c.
>         * target.h (target_dcache_invalidate): Move to
>         target-dcache.h.
>         (target_dcache_get): Likewise.
>         * target-dcache.c: New.
>         * target-dcahce.h: New.

Typo in changelog entry for target-dcache.h.

Plus target-dcache.h needs #ifndef TARGET_DCACHE_H/etc.

Ok with those changes.

[For a later cleanup I would rename stack_cache_enabled() to
stack_cache_enabled_p(), and rename the underlying variables of
course.  I wouldn't do that in this patch of course since it's good to
keep the moving of code in a patch onto itself.]

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