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Re: [PATCH, doc RFA] Allow CLI and Python conditions to be set on same breakpoint

>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Evans <> writes:

Doug> Need More Data.

That goes both ways.

If you still prefer the other semantics, perhaps you could explain why.

Doug> In this scenario, when would one typically add a CLI condition to such
Doug> a Python interpreter breakpoint?

It's a flaw in this example.  But the example is just an example.  I
would hope it does not need to be bulletproof in order to persuade one
that perhaps the proposed semantics are not obviously ideal.

Doug> Plus if this is really a check_status thing then I wonder if
Doug> gdb.Breakpoint is going down the wrong path and we should be providing
Doug> a class where users can override breakpoint_ops.

Yes.  However that ran aground of difficulties when attempted.  The main
issue, I think -- and this goes back to the ABI business -- is that
breakpoint_ops are a bit weird; and breakpoint.c is clearly in need of
some refactoring and more replacement of bptype checks with method

I'd be delighted if somebody did this.  It hasn't made the top of our
list yet.


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