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Re: [RFC] Add ada-exception-catchpoints to -list-features command output.

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Brobecker <> writes:

Joel> This patch adds an entry meant to help the frontend for those features.
Joel> But looking at the way the -list-features command is designed, I am
Joel> wondering whether this approach is going to scale well. As new commands
Joel> and other new features or major bug fixes get in, it seems like the
Joel> list is going to grow maybe a little beyond what's reasonable.

We could add a way to check for specific commands.  Then new commands
would never need to be added to the feature list.

Joel> So, although this patch proposes a new field (this is the straightforward
Joel> approach), given that all this GDB/MI work was done within the same
Joel> release cycle, and withing a reasonable amount of time, I think it
Joel> would be fine for everyone to use one single field in -list-features.

I think it is reasonable, too, provided that the MI docs note the
details of what the feature means.


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