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Re: [PATCH] Move "types deeply equal" code from py-type.c to gdbtypes.c

On 11/6/13 9:00 AM, Doug Evans wrote:
> Hi.
> There's nothing python-specific about the bulk of this code so I've
> moved it out of py-type.c.
> Ok to check in?
> 2013-11-06  Doug Evans  <>
>         * gdbtypes.c: #include bcache.h, dwarf2loc.h.
>         (type_equality_entry): Move here from python/py-type.c.
>         (type_equality_entry_d): Ditto.
>         (compare_maybe_null_strings, check_types_equal): Ditto.
>         (check_types_worklist, types_deeply_equal): Ditto.
>         * gdbtypes.h (types_deeply_equal): Declare.
>         * python/py-type.c: Remove inclusion of bcache.h, dwarf2loc.h.
>         (typy_richcompare): Update.

+/* A helper function for tyscm_richcompare that checks two types for
+   "deep" equality.  Returns non-zero if the types are considered the
+   same, zero otherwise.  */

"tyscm_richcompare"?  Should that be typy_... ?

The comments should be maybe be phrased to emphasize the
quasi-librariness of the code, so that future generations aren't
confused if it seems unused by core GDB (which could happen if python
becomes plugin
instead of subdir, for example).


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