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Re: [PATCH v2] S390: Fix TDB regset recognition

Andreas Arnez wrote:

> When checking for the presence of the TDB regset, the current code
> interprets ENODATA from PTRACE_GETREGSET as an indication that the TDB
> regset *could* occur on this system, but the inferior stopped outside
> a transaction.  However, the Linux kernel actually reports ENODATA
> even on systems without the transactional execution facility.  Thus
> the logic is now changed to check the TE field in the HWCAP as well.
> This version also checks the existence of the TDB regset -- just to be
> on the safe side when running on TE-enabled hardware with a kernel
> that does not offer the TDB regset for some reason.
> gdb/
> 	* s390-linux-nat.c (s390_read_description): Consider the TE field
> 	in the HWCAP for determining 'have_regset_tdb'.
> gdbserver/
> 	* linux-s390-low.c (HWCAP_S390_TE): New define.
> 	(s390_arch_setup): Consider the TE field in the HWCAP for
> 	determining 'have_regset_tdb'.

This is OK.  I've checked it in now.


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU/Linux compilers and toolchain

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