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Re: [PATCH][RFC] symfile.c:find_separate_debug_file: additional path

>>>>> "Tiago" == Tiago  <> writes:

Tiago> Recently I added a directory with debug symbols to the
Tiago> "debug-file-directory" variable in .gdbinit, expecting that gdb would
Tiago> search for the debug file mentioned in the ".gnu_debuglink" section in
Tiago> this directory. That is not the case.

Yeah.  This way is contrary to the gdb documentation of the feature.

Tiago> Is there an easier way to obtain the desirable behaviour? (note that I
Tiago> cannot change the location of binaries or debug symbols. I can only
Tiago> change .gdbinit, the .gnu_debuglink section of the binaries and gdb)

Tiago> Is this patch suitable for the main repo?

What system is this that can't be changed?  I think it would be
preferable to make your system work the way it is all documented to

Though, really, you should be using build-ids and not this stuff anyway.

In any case this patch needs a documentation fix before it could be
considered.  I suppose I'm mildly against it, on the theory that the
existing mechanisms are documented and sufficient.


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