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Re: [RFC 1/6 -V2] Fix display of tabulation character for mingw hosts.

On 10/01/2013 01:02 AM, Pierre Muller wrote:
-----Message d'origine-----
De : [mailto:gdb-patches-] De la part de Keith Seitz
Envoyé : mardi 1 octobre 2013 03:19
À : Pierre Muller
Cc : 'gdb-patches'
Objet : Re: [RFC 1/6] Fix display of tabulation character for mingw hosts.

   Yes, I must confess that I broke more coding style rules
than I usually do here, sorry about that...

It happens to all of us; don't worry about it.

Does this fix the output of many tests in the test suite already? If
not, it would be really, really nice to have a test to check (and
demonstrate) this quirk.

It does fix 2 failures inside printcmds.exp

288-p ctable1[9]
289:$50 = 9 '\t'
290-(gdb) PASS: gdb.base/printcmds.exp: p ctable1[9]
291-p ctable1[10]
292-$51 = 10 '\n'
1869-$560 = (unsigned char *) <ctable1+1> "\001\002\003\004\005\006\a\b"...
1870-(gdb) PASS: gdb.base/printcmds.exp: p &ctable1[1]
1871-p &ctable1[1*8]
1872:$561 = (unsigned char *) <ctable1+8> "\b\t\n\v\f\r\016\017"...
1873-(gdb) PASS: gdb.base/printcmds.exp: p &ctable1[1*8]
1874-p &ctable1[2*8]
1875-$562 = (unsigned char *) <ctable1+16>

Is this enough?

Yes, I just wanted to make sure that if this regressed, it would be caught by some test. I am still having difficulties running tests on MinGW.

   Here is a new patch version.
To avoid the very complicated preprocessor checks that decides if we
use wide chars inside gdb_wchar.h, I added a new macro
   While the idea seems good to me, I am unsure about the choice
of this macro name, are there similar examples already inside the code?

To be honest, I'm not a really big fan of putting platform-specific knowledge into the source code without abstraction, but in this case, the alternative of creating, e.g., a nm.h file for this and replicating all the #if ... logic in gdb_wchar.h is even less appealing to me. [There is some precedent for this approach, too.]

I would just drop the "MINGW" part of the name. There's always the possibility that some other platform might require a similar workaround. Perhaps a maintainer will chime in here with a more elegant/attractive/appropriate approach.

ChangeLog entry:

2013-10-01  Pierre Muller <>

  	Fix display of tabulation character for MinGW hosts.
  	* gdb_wchar.h (gdb_iswprint): Declare as external function
  	if __MINGW32__ macro is set.

I think you can simply use: "Declare as external function on MinGW."

	(HAVE_MINGW_GDB_ISWPRINT): New macro, declared only for
  	MinGW hosts using wide characters.
  	* mingw-hdep.c (gdb_iswprint): New function.
	Implemented only if HAVE_MINGW_GDB_ISWPRINT macro is defined.

The custom IIRC is to use:
	* mingw-hdep.c (gdb_iswprint) [HVAE_MINGW_ISWPRINT]: New function.

I think it is time for a maintainer to review this.


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