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[RFA] Fix DLL unload events in MinGW GDB

I found out today that MinGW GDB cannot announce DLL unloads
correctly, with both stop-on-solib-events turned on and with "catch
unload".  It says this instead:

  Stopped due to shared library event (no libraries added or removed)

Debugging GDB, I see the following sequence:

  . when a DLL is unloaded, handle_unload_dll is called by
    windows-nat.c, and correctly finds the DLL that is being unloaded.

  . handle_unload_dll then calls solib_add, which puts the unloaded
    DLL on the deleted_solibs list of the current_program_space.

  . I put a watchpoint on the deleted_solibs list, and I see that at
    some point after handle_unload_dll returns, we call
    handle_solib_event, which begins by calling
    clear_program_space_solib_cache, which empties the deleted_solibs
    list.  It then calls solib_add again, but now it's too late.

So it looks like the call to solib_add inside handle_unload_dll is the
culprit.  And indeed, the trivial one-liner below is enough to fix
both stop-on-solib-events and "catch unload" for me.

OK to commit (with ChangeLog)?  Branch also?

--- gdb/windows-nat.c~1	2013-04-27 11:58:26.875375000 +0300
+++ gdb/windows-nat.c	2013-05-19 21:34:31.500000000 +0300
@@ -890,7 +890,6 @@ handle_unload_dll (void *dummy)
 	DEBUG_EVENTS (("gdb: Unloading dll \"%s\".\n", sodel->so_name));
 	windows_free_so (sodel);
-	solib_add (NULL, 0, NULL, auto_solib_add);
 	return 1;

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