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Re: [PATCH] Display configuration details in --help

> Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 11:58:48 +0300
> From: Eli Zaretskii <>
> Cc:,,,
> I will take a shot on regrouping the --help text later.

Howe about the following (if accepted, I will write a patch to
implement this):

  This is the GNU debugger.  Usage:

      gdb [options] [executable-file [core-file or process-id]]
      gdb [options] --args executable-file [inferior-arguments ...]

  Selection of debuggee and its files:

    --args             Arguments after executable-file are passed to inferior.
    --core=COREFILE    Analyze the core dump COREFILE.
    --exec=EXECFILE    Use EXECFILE as the executable.
    --pid=PID          Attach to running process PID.
    --directory=DIR    Search for source files in DIR.
    --se=FILE          Use FILE as symbol file and executable file.
    --symbols=SYMFILE  Read symbols from SYMFILE.
    --readnow          Fully read symbol files on first access.
    --write            Set writing into executable and core files.

  Initial commands and command files:

    --command=FILE, -x Execute GDB commands from FILE.
    --init-command=FILE, -ix 
                       Like -x but execute commands before loading inferior.
    --eval-command=COMMAND, -ex
		       Execute a single GDB command.
		       May be used multiple times and in conjunction
		       with --command.
    --init-eval-command=COMMAND, -iex 
                       Like -ex but before loading inferior.
    --nh               Do not read ~/.gdbinit.
    --nx               Do not read any .gdbinit files in any directory.

  Output and user interface control:

    --epoch            Output information used by epoch emacs-GDB interface.
    --fullname         Output information used by emacs-GDB interface.
		       Select a specific interpreter / user interface
    --tty=TTY          Use TTY for input/output by the program being debugged.
    -w                 Use the GUI interface.
    --nw               Do not use the GUI interface.
    --tui              Use the text-mode user interface
    --dbx              DBX compatibility mode.
    --xdb              XDB compatibility mode.
    --quiet            Do not print version number on startup.

  Miscellaneous options:

    -b BAUDRATE        Set serial port baud rate used for remote debugging.
    --batch            Exit after processing options.
    --batch-silent     Like --batch, but suppress all gdb stdout output.
		       GDB exit code will be the child's exit code.
    --cd=DIR           Change current directory to DIR.
    -l TIMEOUT         Set timeout in seconds for remote debugging.

    --configuration    Print details about GDB configuration and then exit.
    --help             Print this message and then exit.
    --version          Print version information and then exit.

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