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Re: [RFC] arm sim: Adjust return values in sim_{fetch,store}_register

On Monday 30 July 2012 16:49:26 Kevin Buettner wrote:
> The change, below, to sim_store_register() fixes the following
> GDB internal error for an arm-eabi target:
> remote-sim.c:531: internal-error: Register 14 not updated
> On the GDB side of things, remote-sim.c now requires that
> sim_store_register() return the length of the register being stored.
> (This requirement has been in place for quite a while now.)  Returning
> a value less than zero triggers an internal error.  Returning 0
> triggers a warning.
> The change to sim_fetch_register() is not strictly required, though
> the comments in remote-sim.c suggests that return of -1 might be
> considered to be broken at some point too.
> The include of libiberty.h fixes a warning regarding xstrdup() that I
> noticed during a rebuild.  I can post this separately if desired.

LGTM.  also looks like i need to update the Blackfin port :).

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