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Re: [PATCH] Handle var_uinteger/var_zuinteger and case var_integer/var_zinteger together.

On Friday, July 27, 2012 01:40:06 PM Khoo Yit Phang wrote:
> This patch broke "set remote hardware-breakpoint-limit -1" ("integer 
4294967295 out of range"), which treats -1 as unlimited. The problem is the 
following lines:
> >    case var_integer:
> > +   case var_zinteger:
> >      {
> >        unsigned int val;
> Since val is unsigned, -1 gets casted to UINT_MAX which subsequently fails:
> >        else if (val >= INT_MAX)
> >          error (_("integer %u out of range"), val);
> I tried changing val to LONGEST, but that subsequently broke the "set
> listsize -1" test in the testsuite (or at least, it fails one of the test
> cases in testsuite/gdb.base/list.exp).
> Actually, it's not clear to me what "set listsize -1" is supposed to do: in
> one place in the testsuite, it's supposed to be unlimited and "set listsize
> 0" is supposed to suppress printing, but in another place, "set listsize 0"
> is supposed to be unlimited. But running "set listsize -1", without my
> change, also leads to an error ("integer 4294967295 out of range"). The
> documentation does not make it clear either.

The inconsistency is confusing here.  I've started looking at this issue.  We 
did have a discussion on this problem in 2006.  I'll go through the archives, 
and give a reasonable fix to this.

Yao (éå)

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