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Re: [patchv2] Write bpt at the ON_STACK bpt address

On Sat, 28 Jul 2012 02:10:23 +0200, Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:
>  I have tested your change now, applied on top of current trunk and that 
> caused no regressions throughout all the configurations involved, so it 
> looks good to go in as far as I'm concerned.

OK, I will check it in.

>  Sadly there are some regressions in the baseline I used, compared to the 
> last previous test results I obtained a couple weeks ago.  Specifically 
> these:
> FAIL: gdb.base/dprintf.exp: 1st dprintf, gdb
> FAIL: gdb.base/dprintf.exp: 2nd dprintf, gdb
[ and other FAILs ]

It was a very recent regression lasting only one day, fixed by Keith:
	Re: [PATCH Bug breakpoints/14381] Fix linespec to parse file name that begin with decimal numbers

commit 5134bbd001531c5c6d02573d4d7fb86b17a549ec
Author: Keith Seitz <>
Date:   Thu Jul 26 16:22:44 2012 +0000
	* linespec.c (linespec_lexer_lex_number): The input
	is also a valid number if the next character is a comma
	or colon.


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