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[RFA 0/5] Explicit linespecs


For some time now, I've been toying with mi/13139, which is a feature request for "explicit linespecs" -- linespecs which bypass the linespec parser. This might provide some relief for very large applications where linespec can get egregiously slow.

To cut to the chase, they may be used by either CLI or MI right now. For the CLI, the generic syntax is:

-source XXX
-function XXX
-label XXX
-offset XXX
-address XXX

The option names may be truncated, e.g., "break -s XX -func YY".

One of the side effects of this patchset is that ALL linespecs (for breakpoints) are converted to explicit after parsing.

I've chosen to implement this as an extension to the breakpoint API. That is, I've added (yet another) parameter to create_breakpoint and several internal breakpoint functions.

This patch is split into five smaller patches:

1) els-refactor-linespec-parsing.patch : This patch may be applied independently of other patches. It refactors some code in linespec.c to facilitate sharing of code.

2) els-breakpoint-api.patch : This patch does all the mechanical work of adding the new explicit linespec parameter to the required breakpoint API functions and updates all callers. This patch is also a nop and may be applied independently of the others.

3) els-explicit-linespecs.patch : This is the patch where the real work of explicit linespecs is done, including CLI/MI lexing/parsing functions.

4) els-tests.patch : New test suite additions for the feature.

5) els-doc.patch : Documentation changes for the new feature.

While patches 1 & 2 may be applied independently, I am not advocating that approach. I consider this patchset all-or-nothing.

Patch #3 must be applied /after/ #2. While a bit inconvenient, I thought it nicer to separate the huge mechanical change in #2 from the real guts of the patch, which is #3. I apologize if this aggravates anyone.

I have tested the patchset on x86_64-linux native and native-gdbserver, and all patches are regression-free with --enable-targets=all.


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