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Re: [patch] MI telnet service

Hi Abid,

the testcase is mixing host vs. target execution.  You connect to the port
from the .c program but that can run on a different machine than the .exp
program is running.  It would be better to connect to the port from the .exp
file, in fact you do not need any .c program there at all.  Or if the test
would be done from .c file then you need to skip the test if [is_remote target].
(It could run if the target is remote but still "localhost" or "stdio" but
that is currently not supported in the GDB testsuite.)

"gdbmitel" is too cryptic, the option can be very long, with words separated
by dashes.

Have you talked to Eclipse maintainers why they do not provide separate
console?  In fact they do, I find it more fits there.  If communication with
Eclipse developers has failed GDB can implement it, but I find it more as
Eclipse workaround.

It does not support IPv6.  GDB currently also does not (for connections to
gdbserver) but that is a bug, I tried to fix it, I hope to resurrect the patch
sometimes again:
	[patch] IPv6 support for gdbserver

Opening the port INADDR_ANY should be possible but only with some additional
-start-telnet-service option, services usually open only with INADDR_LOOPBACK
by default. Still there is missing security on multi-user systems, this is one
of the reasons an interface through Eclipse would be more logical to me.

You do not print any errors, such as in:
+/* This is wrapper over recv. If recv returns some error then it closes
+   the socket.  */
+static int
+receive (int *fd, void *buf, size_t n, int flags)
I believe it could be output as:
Node: GDB/MI Stream Records
     The log stream contains debugging messages being produced by GDB's

I find it only as a last resort possibility now without readline support.
Could it support $TERM negotiation like telnetd supports and attach readline
to it?


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