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Re: [PATCH Bug breakpoints/14381] Fix linespec to parse file name that begin with decimal numbers

On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 10:11 PM, Keith Seitz <> wrote:
> On 07/21/2012 11:30 PM, Hui Zhu wrote:
>> @@ -390,6 +392,12 @@ linespec_lexer_lex_number (linespec_pars
>>         ++(PARSER_STREAM (parser));
>>       }
>> +  if (*PARSER_STREAM (parser) != '\0' && !isspace(*PARSER_STREAM
>> (parser)))
>> +    {
>> +      PARSER_STREAM (parser) = LS_TOKEN_STOKEN (token).ptr;
>> +      return linespec_lexer_lex_string (parser);
>> +    }
>> +
>>     return token;
>>   }
> This obfuscates the meaning of linespec_lexer_lex_number. A better place to
> deal with this is in linespec_lexer_lex_one directly where the decision to
> call linespec_lexer_lex_number is made.
> That can either be done by inspecting the input stream directly in *_lex_one
> or by having *_lex_number error (add a new error token type) and then having
> linespec_lexer_lex_one fallback to string lexing.
> Keith

The string begin with a number is not a error, why handle it as a
error?  I think that will really make this part obfuscates.
What I thought is change the function name to
linespec_lexer_lex_number_string to make it clear.


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