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Re: [PATCH] Fix for Tilera TILE-Gx SIGTRAMP_FRAME unwinding

On 07/06/2012 07:59 PM, Jeff Kenton wrote:
> This is a fix for SIGTRAMP_FRAME unwinding for TILE-Gx.  It now calculates offsets into the stack frame to properly locate saved registers.  This eliminates all remaining testsuite failures from the sigstep test.


>     gdb/
>     * tilegx-linux-tdep.c (tilegx_linux_sigframe_init): Fix SIGTRAMP_FRAME unwinding.

Looks fine from a mechanics perspective.  I trust you on the TILE-Gx specifics, of course.  :-)

>  static void
>  tilegx_linux_init_abi (struct gdbarch_info info, struct gdbarch *gdbarch)
>  {
> -  int arch_size = gdbarch_addr_bit (gdbarch);
> +  int arch_size;
>    linux_init_abi (info, gdbarch);
> @@ -117,6 +127,7 @@
>  					tilegx_regset_from_core_section);
>    /* GNU/Linux uses SVR4-style shared libraries.  */
> +  arch_size = gdbarch_addr_bit (gdbarch);
>    if (arch_size == 32)
>      set_solib_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets (gdbarch,
>  					    svr4_ilp32_fetch_link_map_offsets);

This isn't mentioned in the ChangeLog entry, and looks unrelated though?

Pedro Alves

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