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Re: [RFA, doc RFA] New option set use-deprecated-index-sections

On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 2:42 PM, Jan Kratochvil
<> wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Jul 2012 23:23:51 +0200, wrote:
>> I was going to wait to apply this until after 7.5,
>> but with the new "-iex" option I realize that the new
>> "--use-deprecated-index-sections" option could be considered redundant.
>> So I'm thinking about deleting that as well, in favor of having just this.
> I would find less GDB options to be good.
>> +@item set use-deprecated-index-sections
>> +@kindex set use-deprecated-index-sections
>> +Set this option to control the treatment of deprecated index sections.
>> +When @code{on}, index sections are used even if they are deprecated.
>> +When @code{off}, only current versions of index sections are used.
>> +The default is @code{off}.
> This is not completely correct:
>   if (version < 6 && !use_deprecated_index_sections)
>   if (version > 7)

I chose the word "current" to include handling this case (i.e.
"current" wasn't intended to convey "latest".  Rather, it was intended
to convey "not-deprecated" and avoid going into a whole lot of extra
verbiage).  No disagreement that it could be worded better of course.

> So version 6 is not "current" but it is still used even without
> -use-deprecated-index-sections.  At least gdb doc should be exact IMO.
> It is also questionable if version 6 should be ignored without
> -use-deprecated-index-sections.   I guess the possible performance regression
> (against non-index case) is so rare it was not worth ignoring version 6.
> Thanks,
> Jan

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