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Re: [PATCH] cd command defaults to ~

It's certainly not a huge deal - just something that's been annoying
me for a while.  As for other possible behaviours - I think the POSIX
standard for 'cd' with no arguments is to use the HOME directory, if
it is set -
is what I was looking at, so I don't think there would be too many
people expecting a completely different behaviour . I'd be willing to
update the two documents you mentioned, if this is an acceptable

Nathaniel Flath

On Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 7:00 AM, Jan Kratochvil
<> wrote:
> On Thu, 05 Jul 2012 04:31:07 +0200, Nathaniel Flath wrote:
>> 'cd' in bash defaults to ~, whereas in gdb will throw an error.  This
>> patch has the 'cd' command in gdb use '~' as a default instead of
>> giving this error.
> FYI I do not find it too much required, 'cd ~' is not such a burden, one may
> expect that 'cd' without parameters will do 'pwd' (which it does not) etc.
> Therefore I do not approve it on my own unless someone else does.
> It would need an update in doc/doc/gdb.texinfo and probably even gdb/NEWS.
> Regards,
> Jan

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