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Re: x86 incomplete/WIP software single-step implementation (Re: [PATCH] Do not respawn signals, take 2.)

On 06/28/2012 06:51 PM, Pedro Alves wrote:

> While I was waiting to get access to some Red Hat ARM machines,
> I started cooking up a software single-step implementation
> for x86, for easier-testing purposes.  I though perhaps who knows
> it might also prove useful in the future for something else, e.g.,
> block-step fallback support.
> I got ARM access before I finished it, so it's largely incomplete (see
> commit log), though it passes many tests.  It's here in case it interests
> someone:

FYI, this is mostly complete and useable now.  A few displaced-stepping
regressions remain, and reverse debugging breaks (but ISTR that was a generic
software single-step issue?  If so, this should help debug it).  I've also
tested this with a hack that forces single-step for everything (including "continue")
(there's a branch for that, see my github's wiki).  This should make
developing/testing all-stop-on-top-of-non-stop on software single-step
archs a bit easier (for me).

Pedro Alves

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