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Re: Splint report and scripts for gdb (was: Expand bitpos and type.length)

On Sun, 1 Jul 2012 21:37:55 +0200, Jan wrote:
> While you now consider it as two different records.  But this should
> not miss any record, it just adds more records to process - although
> you discard these in splint-siddhesh-process-locdiff by rules like so
> it does not matter: if (/Previous definition of \w+: \w+/) {
> Not sure if it was all intentional or not.

It was intentional, because the extra spaces are also used in cases
where there are two warnings for one line.
>         # If the TYPE_LENGTH expression is a builtin_type then we're
> safe. $_ = $expr;
>         return 1 if (/builtin_type[^ ]+->length/);
>  - I would not call it safe, it can be a part of an arbitrary large
> expression. But the 6 cases where it applies are OK.

Yes, this was hard-coding on my part based on the input.

>         if (/^ (Right)|(Left) operand of \W+ /) {
>  - it did not discard any important line but the regex is dangerously
> wrong, it does:
>         if (/^ Right/ || /Left operand of \W+ /) {

This should have been:

if (/^ ((Right)|(Left)) operand of \W+ /) {

> Otherwise I have made comments to your .report file.  I believe we
> should follow now the 'compact' form instead.  It is a lot of work as
> I see.

Thanks, that was the report before I did further work on the script.
I'll work on the rest and post the report with the compact form next.


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