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[PATCH] Improve `help break' by mentioning probe support


Sorry for taking so long to send this patch.

I noticed that the `help' command for `break' and `trace' does not list
the new `-probe'|`-probe-stap' options.  I guess I was asked to include
it during the SystemTap patch review, but I apparently forgot.  So this
is the patch.  I'm not sure the wording is OK, so I'd like Eli's
approval on that.  Also, if possible, I'd like to get it included in



2012-07-01  Sergio Durigan Junior  <>

	* breakpoint.c (BREAK_ARGS_HELP): Include help message for the new
	`-probe' and `-probe-stap' options.

diff --git a/gdb/breakpoint.c b/gdb/breakpoint.c
index c5d49af..06e57b3 100644
--- a/gdb/breakpoint.c
+++ b/gdb/breakpoint.c
@@ -15302,7 +15302,10 @@ all_tracepoints (void)
    COMMAND should be a string constant containing the name of the
    command.  */
 #define BREAK_ARGS_HELP(command) \
-command" [LOCATION] [thread THREADNUM] [if CONDITION]\n\
+PROBE_MODIFIER shall be present if the command is to be placed in a\n\
+probe point.  Accepted values are `-probe' (for a generic, automatically\n\
+guessed probe type) or `-probe-stap' (for a SystemTap probe).\n\
 LOCATION may be a line number, function name, or \"*\" and an address.\n\
 If a line number is specified, break at start of code for that line.\n\
 If a function is specified, break at start of code for that function.\n\

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