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Splint report and scripts for gdb (was: Expand bitpos and type.length)

Hi Jan,

I'm breaking this out into a new thread since I'm finding it difficult
to search for responses in the old thread due to the huge amount of
nesting. The old thread is here:

I started trying to reduce the splint report further, again with a
newer approach. We're essentially looking for splint warnings that are
present after applying the bitpos patch, including those that were
newly generated and were relevant to the bitpos change, so the old
output sections (The '-' lines) are unnecessary in the report.

Based on this, I did the following:

* Modified splint-locdiff script to remove all unnecessary lines
  like 'finished checking', etc. The change is small enough that one
  can see the changes straight away.

* Removed all the '-' lines, so that what we get is only the report of
  warnings generated after bitpos.

After all the sanitization, what we have left is a very clean pattern,
which is:

LOC (file:num)
  The warning for this LOC

I used this to evaluate if the assignments, function parameters, etc.
for each of those warnings were size-compatible, i.e. they won't result
in truncation, and passed those. I don't look at sign preservation
across the patch any more because it is easier to do that from the
patch rather than the splint output.

Along with this, I have tried to make the output of the final script as
compact as possible without losing readability. The result is a final
output of 666 lines. I have uploaded the tarball here:

These are the exact same files that you had uploaded earlier, so you
should be able to git-init a repository from your files and then
overwrite them with my copy to get a difference.

Can you please review the script changes?


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