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Re: [PATCH] Logging for MI

On 6/27/12 12:40 PM, Tom Tromey wrote:
"Stan" == Stan Shebs <> writes:
Stan> Although the patch seems straightforward, it entailed quite a bit of
Stan> trial-and-error, and I've probably missed a few cases in the tangled
Stan> tubing that is GDB's ui-file system; comments welcome.

I don't really understand all that code either.
It is pretty light on docs; but also just convoluted.

Stan> I plan to commit this in a few days if no flaws come to light.

I was curious whether it did the right thing if logging is enabled and
then the user sends a CLI command to the MI interpreter.
I dug through the code a little but couldn't convince myself either way.


It does in fact do the right thing, and I checked just now to be sure. :-) The theory of CLI output is that gdb_stdout is set to the mi->out console, which prefixes random CLI text with a tilde and encloses it in quotes. So changing gdb_stdout isn't sufficient, one has to reach in under the consoles and replace their streams with the open file or tee.


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