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[PATCH] Titles for OS data types

Per Vladimir's request in , here is a patch to Linux OS data that adds a new column "Title". Titles are arbitrary strings just like the existing type and description columns, but are informally understood to be short descriptions that are suitable for menu items, window titles, etc, in a GUI like Eclipse. Since they can clutter up command-line output, the "info os" command omits the column.

Filtering by looking for a column literally named "Title" is a bit hacky but hard to do more cleanly, as "info os" is designed to mindlessly repeat whatever platform-specific xfer code delivers up. Still, a general mechanism of metadata for columns is certainly overkill for this rather specialized case. I've also omitted a NEWS mention since it only affects -info-os, which is itself new.

I'll commit this in a couple days if nobody has any objections.


2012-06-26 Stan Shebs <>

    * osdata.c (info_osdata_command): Filter out "Title" columns
    from non-MI uses.
    * common/linux-osdata.c (struct osdata_type): Add title field.
    (osdata_table): Add titles to each entry.
    (linux_command_xfer_osdata): Add a column for title data.

    * gdb.texinfo (Miscellaneous GDB/MI Commands): Update -info-os
    example, add note about title column.

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