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Re: [doc RFA] "set debug dwarf2-read" and "set debug symtab-create"

> Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 08:45:04 -0700
> From: Doug Evans <>
> Cc: gdb-patches <>
> Hi.  "Ping." :-)

Sorry, but your wording was ambiguous:

> > I'm committing this after a doc RFA.

I interpreted that as meaning "doc review was already done, I'm
committing this".

> --- a/gdb/NEWS
> +++ b/gdb/NEWS
> @@ -462,6 +462,16 @@ tstop [NOTES]
> ?* New options
> +set debug dwarf2-read
> +show debug dwarf2-read
> + ?Turns on or off display of GDB info related to reading DWARF debugging
> + ?information. ?The default is off.

I'd prefer to say "display of debugging messages related to reading
DWARF debug info".

> +@item set debug dwarf2-read
> +@cindex DWARF2 Reading
> +Turns on or off display of @value{GDBN} info related to reading
> +DWARF debugging information. ?The default is off.
> +@item show debug dwarf2-read
> +Show the current state of DWARF2 reader debugging.

Same here.

> +@item set debug symtab-create
> +@cindex Symbol Table Creation

Index entries should start with a lower-case letter.  I would simply
lower-case all the words in this entry.

OK with those changes.

Thanks, and sorry for the delay.

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