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Re: [RFA] Add global/static and symbol kind indicator to .gdb_index

> Doug> The global/static bit massively speeds up looking up things like
> Doug> "int" when debugging with lots of shared libraries (all having
> Doug> .gdb_index). ?PR 14125
> Tom> I don't think this patch is needed to achieve this. ?At least, the "int"
> Tom> case and other similar cases were fixed by:
> Doug pointed out on irc that I was mistaken here.
> The issue in his case is that, even though each individual index has a
> single entry for "int", there are still many indices, so gdb still does
> excessive CU expansion.
> I'm sorry for the error.

Is there still something I need to fix in gold in this regard? I think
gold will produce an index entry for "int" in every CU that mentions
it. If the right thing to do is to have only one CU, how do I decide
what kinds of names get this treatment? (For example, some arbitrary
type "struct foo" might actually be a different type, and you'd want
multiple index entries.)


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